Premier Specialties

Premier has the following specialty services to its clients.

  1. Commercials We provide commercial real estate sales and loan transactions. We take care of ALTA survey, zoning confirmation or validation, environmental tests, tenants’ lease contracts and estoppels, issuances of title insurance endorsements as well as various other tasks to satisfy the lender’s demands and requirements.
  2. Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchange Service Premier Section 1031 LLC, a Virginia limited liability company, a wholly owned by Premier, services tax-free like-kind exchanges to its clients as a qualified intermediary or an escrow agent of qualified-escrow accounts. We view the tax-free like-kind exchange under IRC Section 1031 as one the most important tax saving technics available today when combined with proper estate plannings and strive to provide highly sophisticated plans and services for small and large size commercial properties.
  3. FIRPTA (Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980) We provide to our clients solutions to 15% (10% under $1 million) withholding by handling the exemption and reduced withholding by requesting Withholding Certificate to the Internal Revenue Service as well as required ITIN for non-resident aliens and foreign entities. We understand the law and the process and have successfully processed Withholding Certificates for many of our foreign.
  4. Estate and Trust Matters As we have attorneys who practiced in the Estate and Trust matters, we are well equipped to handle estate and trust matters in most efficient.
  5. Mechanic’s Lien Agent and Construction Loans We not only serve as a mechanic’s lien agent for a new construction but also provide various mechanic’s lien and construction loan related services to lenders.
  6. Odd Cases We have handled numerous short sale, foreclosure, bankruptcy, trust, probate, and other odd cases successfully and in efficient manners.
  7. Bridge Loans We provide bridge loans to our clients at competitive rates and terms to assist them in completing foreclosures and other transactions.
  8. e-Notary We are a qualified e-Notary from the Commonwealth of Virginia and can handle notary functions by a secured encrypted electronic transmission and reception to save time and money for our clients who are in odd places or foreign countries.
  9. Title Search and e-Recording We provide in-house title searches as needed basis and provide e-recording for all counties with e-recording capabilities. This makes our transactions safer as it ensures a little or no gaps between the closing and the recording time.
  10. Legal Documents Our general counsels handle all phases of sale and purchase of raw lands, commercial buildings, businesses, leases, deeds, power of attorney, deeds of trust, notes, and other legal documents for our clients.
  11. Continuing Education Law Offices of Stephen H. Lee has an approved from the Virginia Real Estate Board for a Proprietary School for continuing Education for realtors. Please check with us for upcoming CE.